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“Geramas” and the World Leader “Tamrac”
Tamrac, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of photo-video cases and accessories has been added to "Geramas" successful partnerships.
J. & B. Geramas Co, with a critical presence in the Greek photographic market, proceeded
to the conclusion of a strategic partnership with Tamrac, one of the leading "Name Brand"
known throughout the world.
The fact of undertaking its official representation and the exclusive distribution of its products in the Greek market was expressed with satisfaction by Mr. Vassilis Geramas, co-founder and business operation manager, stating that “Our cooperation with Tamrac aims at supporting the already rich portfolio of our company and confirming the confidence shown to us by the Photo leading companies in the world”.
Quality, Function, Style, and Innovation.
For nearly thirty years, Tamrac has built its reputation on legendary quality. Photo camera and accessories bags offer great value due to their unique features, design quality and performance. The workmanship and quality
are the combination of excellent sewing and product engineering that is reinforced with the finest materials, threads, and hardware.
The purpose of a Tamrac bag is not only to carry and protect your equipment, but to hold them for convenient, quick access.
Tamrac offers a diverse product line to meet all of your specific travel requirements and photographic objectives. Functional designs that people can understand and a strong sense of style make Tamrac’s products easy to use and a pleasure to own, so you are very welcome to our facilities for a “test drive”.
Kenko Light Meters
Many people mourned the loss of Minolta's Meters when they stopped making them a couple of years back, well they need mourn no longer! Kenko (maker of the age-old Teleplus teleconverter) have bought the rights and tooling to the old range of Minolta meters.... read more
Dust-Aid, a brilliant idea!!
Just like the travelling photographer looking for that once in a lifetime shot, we are on a never ending pursuit to invent, adapt, modify, research, test and improve dust cleaning products for the camera industry. We have many more ideas on the drawing board so stay tuned... Dust-Aid 
HOYA, the world renowned optical glass manufacturer, presents an innovative high definition (HD) line of filters. 

Hardened optical glass that has 4 times the breaking strength in ANSI standardized testing (ANSI Z80.3 : 2001) where a steel balls of varying size and weight were dropped from a height of 50 inches onto the glass.
The polarizing film is the same as that used in the latest high definition LCD TV screens. It has 25% higher light transmission than standard polarizing film used in current photographic filters.
Specialized coatings that are not just water-proof to repel water spots but also hardened to be scratch and stain resistant. Of course these coatings are from HOYA so they are greatly reduce reflections off the surface of the glass allowing you to capture more light in your photos.
The new HD Series will be available in UV and Circular Polarizers in standard sizes from 52mm up to 82mm.
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